Friday, February 20, 2015

Radiohead - No Logo

Usually considered to be the most fruitful and interesting output from Radiohead were their Kid A / Amnesiac sessions.  In 2000 nearly 30 songs were recorded during the same sessions that ended up cutting their most popular work, Kid A, and it's successor that is not meant to be taken as disc two or a b-sides album, Amnesiac.

No Logo, a book by Naomi Klein was a heavy influence for Thom and the rest of Radiohead at the time (it had recently been released).  At one point, they were thinking about entitling Kid A "No Logo."  The book deals with the over-branding of our culture, specifically focusing on the attack on youth via advertisements and other methods of propagating consumerism.

It seems that these concepts are peppered into some of the songs from the sessions, but in the vaguely metaphorical Radiohead sense, especially since at the time Thom was experimenting with using vocals as an instrument and many of the songs contain very few lyrics.

For my sake as a Radiohead lover, I compiled this album entitled No Logo, that collects all the outtakes from those sessions, exhausting them entirely (at least to my knowledge).  A lot of these tracks are available easily on the two-disc version of Amnesiac, but there are definitely a few surprises thrown in there.

Radiohead - No Logo (2003)

Side A:
1.  Fog
2.  Fast-Track
3.  Trans-Atlantic Drawl
4.  Monitor Operation
5.  Big Boots (demo)
6.  Worry Wort

Side B:
7.  Kinetic
8.  The Amazing Sound Of Orgy
9.  Cuttooth
10.  I Am Citizen Insane
11.  Motion Picture Soundtrack / No Logo

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