Saturday, May 16, 2015

Updates Soon!

UPDATE:  Terribly sorry, all.  I had a last minute 2-month trip to White Bird, Idaho where I was helping run my Uncle's bar.  It was an obscure trip in a town of only 78 residents and five establishments.  I was able to film some footage on the side and I will be compiling a short documentary in the upcoming weeks.  There was no internet or cell service there, so now I am back with my interwebs!

The good news is that being secluded for so long allowed me to also work on new albums!  Yay! Smiley Face!


Alright, well I have to apologize for the lack of completion in these posts.  I will try to slowly finish them as I add even more albums in the upcoming days.  These include RJD2, Sparklehorse, Gorillaz and an epic collection of over 60 obscure and rare Beatles tracks that is an exhaustion of years of collecting Beatles bootlegs.

I hope you all have been enjoying!


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